Lavorazione macchine CNC realizzazione stampi realizzazione elementi meccanici prototipazione assemblaggio e collaudo

FBM has always have qualified people with experience in realization and designing field of molds and application for industrial objects. Starting from 1983, FBM has been wanted to amply the range of customers by the complete management of productive process. This new interior organization happened after the acquisition of new numeric control machines, which have brought the company to be competitive to national level, instituted new work methods. Over the years, FBM has had a renewal of staff thanks by an increment of work, skill requirements, and new technology development. The new work method has been developing during the years, and it has always acquired more national agreement up to present day. Nowadays, FBM is competing with new national and international companies because the competition is much biggest than before for professional offers, and the quality given to customers. The subdivision of work is always based by functional spaces and productive process:

- designing

- prototyping

- realization through CAM/CAD

- assembly

- test


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